Even though existing monitoring solutions no doubt have their use, they often don’t have the specific features that are necessary to fulfil the particular needs of (cable) operators. Excentis develops custom-made software, which allows accessing and using all available data to the maximum extent. This includes information coming from the devices themselves, as well as from back office systems. Thanks to the coupling and intelligent interpretation of this information, a number of specific and very useful objectives can be reached.

  • Almost immediate detection of modems going off-line.
  • Identification of failing network components, which can go into the finest detail if the location of the modems in the network is known.
  • Extensive possibilities for alarming: SNMP traps, e-mails or SMS messages, taking into account different types of failures and staff schedules. Integration with existing management software is possible thanks to the SNMP traps.
  • Alarm messages contain as much additional information as possible about the cause and location of the problem, to assist as much as possible in locating and solving it.
  • Automatic detection and notification of an alarm that is actually solved or went away by itself.
  • Inventory of CMTSes is automatically built. This is useful for the self-learning character of the software, but also for periodic reporting. Historical data can be kept for trend analysis (e.g. noise, amount of traffic, configuration…)
  • Scalability, reliability and redundancy are taken into consideration from the design stage of the project. Network components are judiciously monitored to avoid network or system overload due to the monitoring itself.
  • Far-reaching configuration options and well chosen, sensible default values.

For more information or for discussing your needs, please contact us at consulting@excentis.com.