Hands-on experience and expertise of the Excentis professionals allow them to assess your equipment, designs, and architectures in an efficient way.

Excentis has a proven record in the areas of Cable and DSL networks, Wi-Fi, VoIP, iDTV, security and many more.

Engineering/design and selection process

To meet your service and business requirements, Excentis can help you to design the optimal architecture and to select the right equipment.

Testing, auditing and debugging

Excentis is an excellent partner for testing equipment in your lab or field environment. Whether you want to audit current deployments or evaluate proof-of-concept set-ups, its multi-vendor expertise will prove to be invaluable in detecting and solving present design, performance or interoperability issues. Excentis’ expert knowledge is an essential complement to any general system integrator’s work. Thanks to its thorough technology understanding Excentis excels in auditing, fault finding and debugging.


Excentis can qualify your networks and services to make sure their performance is according to your expectations.

Even if your systems and services seem to run smoothly, Excentis can optimise them to squeeze that last bit of performance out of your investments.