The company

Excentis is a telecommunications engineering firm and test lab. We specialize in access network technologies (mainly broadband over the cable network) and home network technologies (mainly Wi‑Fi).

Our customers are internet network operators, service providers and broadband equipment vendors whom we provide with testing of their equipment and the engineering courses, consultancy services and lab tools they need.

We provide customer value through our technological expertise, rigorous approach and strict neutrality. In other words: we know or detect the trouble spots, we report them without bias and we help our customers fix them.

We deal with the largest telecom companies in the world (e.g. Intel, Cisco, Nokia, Samsung, and Vodafone).

Job opening: Java Software Developer, based in Szeged (Hungary)

What's this job about?

We are currently searching for a Java software developer to join our team. You will be involved in different projects focused on testing network performance in different areas. This division focuses on creating user friendly, clear and comprehensive network test and measurement tools for the access network such as cable, DSL, fiber and Wi-Fi networks. An important part of the product is its comprehensive reporting. Reports not only list test results but also offer suggestions for improvement of the test and the results themselves, including possible next steps for further testing.

This role is based in Szeged but will be in constant cooperation with our Belgian headquarters. You will analyze and implement software for different platforms such as Windows®-, Apple® and Linux platforms but also web-based applications. Databases such as MySQL and HSQLDB play an important role. You will also assist in improving our continuous build and integration platform and will assist in customer support.

Your Profile

  • Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Electronics/ICT), Mathematical Informatics or similar through experience.
  • You have a keen interest in programming but also in data communication and network technology. Good understanding of the TCP/IP stack is a must.
  • You can work independently but are also a team player.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Experience with the Eclipse Rich Client platform is an asset.
  • Willingness to travel (occasionally).

Our Offer

It’s an opportunity to help innovate our product portfolio and develop your skills and expertise.


To apply for the position of Java Software Developer, based in Szeged (Hungary), you can send your résumé and motivation letter to to the attention of Fanny Boogers.